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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Someone Has Turned FOUR!

Someone is having a birthday today!  Someone who has turned out to be NOTHING like the tiny newborn baby I first met four years ago today.  The baby I held for the first time back then was extremely sensitive to loud noises, bright lights and anything else that was different from the environment from where he had come.  At one point I had to politely tell his nurse to just hand him to me.  She was making derogatory comments about the fact that he cried non-stop.

I giggle about the over-sensitiveness of this newborn as I listen to he and his siblings in the basement playing with his new bike.  The bell is ringing non-stop and the laughing and shouting coming from down there is so much louder than anything I heard in that delivery room back in 2009.  No, this boy is a handful!  A very happy handful!

So how did he spend his day?  Well, woke up before his mom and had his new bike down in the basement riding it before I even got to see him!  I was glad because he really likes it!  Anything that makes him feel big like everyone else is good!  After that we got home from getting his big brother to school and the first thing he asked is "can I have a piece of gum"?  When this boy was two he saw his brothers and sisters chewing gum and asked his mom if he could have some.  Of course in an attempt to put him off she answered "you can't chew gum until you are four".  He remembered, and that is what he wanted to do, chew a piece of gum!  He did surprisingly good.  He chewed on it for about an hour and a half and then spit it in the garbage can.  We might just try another piece tomorrow.

He spent some time at his favorite babysitter's house while Mom and I went to my doctor appointment and while we were out we stopped and picked up a little something that he had begged and begged me to get for him on Monday.  I gave it to him to surprise him when we got home and he loved his Mario, Luigi and Peach racecars.  Then, the FedX truck came.  With a big box...filled with what I ordered along with PACKING PEANUTS!

You bet he took his cars and jumped right in...played for a good half an hour!  All and all it has been a good 4th birthday for this little man.  And yes, he has already asked "Mom, when am I going to be 4 1/2?"  Whoa young man!  You can't be 4 1/2 til mommy says!

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