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Monday, September 30, 2013

A Little More House to See...

Here are a few more picture of the house.  It is such a blessing and a miracle for us!  Also, a little bit of a walk down memory lane.  It was built in the early 90's so the wall to wall mauve and forest green carpet along with the tiny flower wallpaper in every bathroom and the kitchen really brings back memories of our first apartment and the style of decor during the time when we first got married.  We have some fun plans for updates and look forward to having space to move around.  

We have loved our current neighborhood and at the time we moved in the house was a blessing too.  God has taught us so much and we are excited to move into a house where we feel like the roots can go down deep.

Laundry room off the kitchen

Wall opposite the washer and dryer

Hall bathroom

Hall bathroom
Boys room - they already have a plan to cover the pink carpet until we can get new laid
Girls room
Master bedroom

Master bathroom tub
Master bathroom vanity

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