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Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Boost of Morale

Well, the first test of my recovery was today.  A trip up to Minnesota to celebrate Uncle Jule and Aunt Wendy's 40th anniversary and a visit to grandma Bushlack in the nursing home.  The car trip was much more tolerable than I imagined it would be.  (I did double up on my pain meds so that I could handle the slow downs and bumps)  A few pillows helped a lot too.

Two breast cancer survivors!
We visited Grandma first.  When we pulled up we saw my aunt and uncle sitting outside with her.  The nursing home had called them and Grandma wasn't having a very good day.  Seems she was being a little ornery.  After talking with her for a bit, it all boils down to the fact that she doesn't get to do what she wants or go where she wants.  I wish I lived closer and could visit her regularly.  It was perfect timing.  She needed a diversion and we were able to hang out and visit with her.  She was laughing and being goofy by the time we left.  I know it was a temporary fix for Grandma but I was very glad we got there when we did.

We went from the nursing home over to the 40th anniversary party.  It was fun to celebrate with Jule and Wendy and all of the rest of the family.  There wasn't any dancing in my evening but there was a lot of visiting and catching up with cousins I hadn't seen in years!  I think the coolest thing (at least for Stacey) was the photo booth.  We got to dress up and take goofy pictures.  We picked hats and sunglasses.  What a fun idea.  Jule and Wendy got a CD with all of the pictures taken during the evening.  I bet they are laughing hysterically as they are going through them all.

It was very fun for Stacey.  She got her picture taken with all of the cousins who would go in the booth with her.  Boy, wouldn't that be a cool thing at a birthday party!  I may have to price something like that as they enter into their teen years soon.

Dawn struggles at parties with dances lately.  She prefers to dance slow dances and doesn't like the fast songs.  It is much more common though to have faster songs where people just go out on the dance floor and stand there and wiggle around.

 It was a very fun day all around.  I wasn't sure if I would be able to make it because I had a rough day on Friday but am so glad I did.  It  was such a boost after the last few days of feeling lonely and tired of laying around the house.  I am back to doing that after church tomorrow, but I am smiling at the opportunity I had to gather a lot of "soft" hugs and words of love and encouragement.  Not to mention Jule and Wendy and the wonderful milestone they have reached - 40 years!

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