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Friday, September 20, 2013

Nothing That Pain Pills and a Game of Monopoly Can't Fix!

Pain pills are really equivalent to antidepressants when you are recovering from a major surgery.  Especially if a few complications arise through the experience.  I hit a pretty low low today.  The hole in my incision, the fact I can't keep up with housework, the fact that 11 year olds don't keep up with the housework, and that there is not much traffic AT ALL to see our house that is on the market...well, it was enough to put me in a not too wonderful state of mind today.

Why couldn't I shake these things was my question I asked myself in defeat?  Pain meds had run out and I only had one to last 24 hours.  Again, doctors needed to approve and there was no fax to the pharmacy by closing time.  Thanks to my dad, he took Matthew and his cousin out to the garden with him this afternoon and I got a reprieve and an afternoon nap.  MUCH appreciated!

While I was napping the text came that my prescription was ready to pick up and away I went!  Then, not long after I got back home, David came arrived.  Not just from work, but from Des Moines where he had been for two days in a training.  He was happy to take over and give me time for the pain meds to kick in.  He finished up supper and served it up to everyone.  It wasn't so much that the pain was gone when the medication kicked in, but I could concentrate better, I could tolerate more and I could enjoy a game of Monopoly with my kids. 

Ugh...I have to admit, I am still a mess but God is still good, and I will get through this!

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