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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Soccer Season Begins!

Here is a little something to report about...the first day of our soccer season.  After Ryan tried soccer for the first time last year, Stacey and Zachary decided they would like to play this year.  This was the first day getting used to three uniforms (who is wearing red? who is wearing blue?), three start times, three fields to find and how are we going to stay hydrated and cool while playing and watching.

What a blessing it was to have all of the games right in a row today.  Starting at noon we had a 12 o'clock game, a 1 o'clock game and a 2 o'clock game.  Who knew that it would be sizzling hot and everyone would have drank through their sources of hydration by half time of the first game!

Ryan's game was the first.  They did very well.  I am remembering last year's team and enjoyed watching a team today that was spread out, watching the ball, and not just clumping up wherever the ball is located.  Unfortunately although there was some pretty great execution at times, the accuracy of the other team was a good bit better than ours today and we suffered a loss overall.  As much as the boys want to win, as the mom, I loved watching the game. 

Zachary's team played next and wore red for his game. He did so good for his first time playing.  What fun to see him out there doing what his coach has told him.  I don't think it will take him as long as it took his big brother to learn how to get in there and be aggressive.  He did great defending and on offense and we are looking forward to seeing him get the hang of the game and get more comfortable on the field!  I love to watch Zach, he always has a little smile on his face.

Poor Stacey, it was a HOT afternoon!  Her game was last and they all felt the heat!  She started out a little bit tentative but by the second half she was taking the ball down the field and getting in there on defense and helping out the goalie.  It will not take her long to feel right at home on the soccer field.  It was a little discouraging to have lopsided refereeing for her game but that happens occasionally.

I like to see my kids do their best and although each of their teams lost today, I had a lot of fun watching them in their own ways do their part on their teams.  Next week thankfully there are three games in a row again but after that we will probably be going in shifts to morning, lunch time and late afternoon games.

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