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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Showing Her Stuff

Guess who got to compete today?  After two and a half years of work, Dawn got to show us her stuff!  The world of gymnastics is a little different.  It is definitely a learning experience. Just as we figured it all out with Zach last year, we will figure it out after the first few meets.

Dawn performed on the beam and the vault today.  She did very well and showed very little nerves (which is more than I can say for her mom)!  She was a little disappointed on the beam as she didn't quite get all the way up into her handstand and slipped off but she sure looked great the rest of the time.

She told me afterward that she hadn't had a chance to practice on a raised beam in the gym yet so after hearing that I was impressed.  She looked so composed for her first time and I can't lie and say I wasn't proud because I was.  So much work and so many tears wondering if she could do it or ever be good enough to compete.  She did it.  She did it today.

Both of her vaults were excellent and she got a third place medal for her efforts there.  One of the most precious things I got to experience was a sister's support as Stacey tried very hard to understand the way that the judging works (as if anyone can really).  My dear daughter who plays basketball and soccer and either wins or loses just couldn't stand that her sister didn't get a medal for getting up on that beam and doing her best.  At one point she said "don't they know that people can't just DO that without lots and lots of work?"

All the way home Stacey was incredibly entertaining with her ranting on behalf of her sister.  It just didn't make sense to her.  She was so funny.  I wish that I had a hidden camera because I am sure it would have entertained a bunch of other people too! How sweet for her to appreciate her sister's hard work.

What a fun day.  The first meet is behind her and Dawn was happy with her performance and that makes it all worth the work!

Aren't They Adorable?

Is there really any need for words on this post?  Are these little ones not the cutest things you have ever seen?

It is quite a production to get this bunch of boys in four straight rows standing relatively still.  Matt is the third from the left on the bottom. He is very excited to be part of this "team". To have an official team and all of the necessary equipment to be a soccer player is such a big thing for this little boy.

Every Saturday we get to go out to Tuma and enjoy kicking the soccer ball around and learning some of the important skills needed to play soccer like the "big boys".  He loves putting on his shin guards and cleats "all by himself".  I smile and savor these little boy moments...they are fleeting.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Tomato Picking Gear

Evidently this mom interrupted a dress up superhero fight when I asked these two to go out and pick some tomatoes for a salad.  They took their adventure outside and tackled the task with much enthusiasm.

I am pretty sure that there were more eaten than put in the bowl and I did notice out the window that there was an occasional need for a sword fight (however, I didn't know that we had so many enemies living among the tomatoes!)

It was funny to watch Matthew venture in between the tomato rows to dig into the plants in the middle.  The plants are all taller than he is.  He would sneak into the tomato forest and come out with one or two tiny tomatoes (they are called currant tomatoes because of their size).  For the length of time he was in there, my guess is that he probably ate six or seven to the one or two that he brought out and put into the bowl.  Eventually we had enough to eat for supper!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Little Throwback Thursday Story

This is the only picture that I remember of these two people.  I remember going to their house and my parents talking about them.  They were no relatives of ours, just a couple that my parents knew.  We called them Grammy and Grampy Mitchell.

I can't make out the details much more than that other than to say that my feelings of their house were happy and fun.  By looking at the picture, I would say that I am around two or very close to it.  My brother was born in December when I was about 18-19 months old and he looks around 4-6 months old.

We lived on the Air Force base in Limestone, Maine so most of my parent's friends and acquaintances were Air Force and lived close by.  I can't say that I remember much about their house or anything else which made me think that my memories must be tied to this picture as photographs do help us to remember things that we wouldn't always remember otherwise.

 I always thought that until recently.  There seems to have been a revival of these candy peanuts.  Just looking at them makes me a little sick to my stomach because I am not a fan of marshmallowy candy.  But...I was realizing that every time I would see a pack of them in the store, my mind went right to Grammy and Grampy Mitchell.  Weird.  This is the only picture that I remember Mom having of them in our family albums and no candy peanuts anywhere to jog my memory.  Even so, every time I see them, I think of that elderly couple in Maine who treated their little visitors with candy peanuts.  I am going to chalk this one up to "my earliest memory".

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

There Was This Broken Arm

Labor Day Family Gathering...

It is less than an hour in and we are heading to the ER.  Zachary fell off the monkey bars and whatever was hidden under the skin of that arm, all of us who were present knew that he was hurt.  It hurt BAD.  Off we went to get it checked out.
A LONG wait! (Ice wrapped
in Auntie Retty's dishtowel
was a blessing)
A little entertainment in the
waiting room
ERs on holidays are a nightmare.  Last time we were there, it was Zach and it was New Year's Day. The place was full of people.  People who I sometimes wanted to check their charts to see if they were for sure needing to be in an EMERGENCY room.  Not many of them looked like they were suffering all that much.

We waited on Labor Day for two hours before there was a room available for a doctor to check it. Even the triage nurse thought it looked rough.  We could tell there was something not right. I always hesitate a little when I think of taking kids in to the ER because "it is probably nothing" is what my mind says. The longer we waited, the more I felt in my gut that there was something to check out this time.

Our ER doctor ROCKED!
Finally an x-ray...by a great
patient x-ray tech!
Once in the room, Zach was much more comfortable.  I settled him in on the bed and propped a pillow up under his elbow and he started breathing a lot easier.  Poor guy, he has a lot of patience, I do have to say.  That, and he is tough.  After waiting for the x-ray lady and then waiting for the results, another hour and a half went by and the doctor came in with a surprised look on his face and announced that Zachary was one tough kid because it was indeed broken and we had an appointment to see the orthopedic doctor first thing in the morning.  Oh yeah, and there could be surgery involved in the recovery.

Wow, when Zach does something, he does it with gusto, I can say that much about him!  And, thankfully, but God's grace, he was tough!  We left the hospital with strict instructions not to eat after midnight just in case there would have to be surgery.

The Next Morning...

Off we went first thing to see Dr. Switzer.  If there is one thing I can say about this man, it would be WOW! In all of my life experiences with doctors, for myself, or any one of my loved ones, I would have to say Dr. Switzer is the tops!  He knew Zach already when we came in because he had been studying his x-rays "most of the night" were his exact words.

Holding the set while the
plaster dries
He was so great to explain what was going on and to act quickly to help us make a decision.  He had sent out Zach's x-rays to six other colleagues to give their input and was able to tell me what he recommended based on what he had heard AND was not afraid to say "if this was my kid, I would..."  We decided to have him attempt setting it and give it a week in the splint to see if the arm would heal straight.  If there were any problems at all in a week, he could still do surgery.

Holding the angle while
the fiberglass dries
That was good news.  Zach knew it was going to hurt and the doctor didn't try to hide that.  He told us it was written all over Zach's chart from the ER staff that Zachary was a tough kid.  He told Zach that he knew he could do it and sure enough, Zach was tough and the doctor got the bone back where it needed to be.  He wanted to be sure it was right so he sat there and applied pressure while the plaster splint was drying so it would hold it in place.

Itchy Itchy Itchy!
Doc wanted an x-ray in the splint to check the placement of the set and it all looked well with the exception of one thing.  Zach is a little stinker and had somehow found a way to straighten out his elbow a bit more in the splint than the doctor wanted.  He acted quickly and had a nurse wrap fiberglass around the splint and held the angle right where it needed to be while she wrapped and for ten minutes after while the stuff dried!  We loved him!

We are now getting used to the cast and all of the ways life will have to be different for the next few weeks.  Zach broke his left arm and he is left handed.  He told me "I will just learn how to write with my right hand better"! He makes me smile. He has found out this week how happy he is that his mom knits.  Those knitting needles work great to get in under that cast and scratch!  Twelve years of parenting and just now we have our first major broken bone.  That is pretty miraculous for any of you who know my children!