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Friday, September 19, 2014

Tomato Picking Gear

Evidently this mom interrupted a dress up superhero fight when I asked these two to go out and pick some tomatoes for a salad.  They took their adventure outside and tackled the task with much enthusiasm.

I am pretty sure that there were more eaten than put in the bowl and I did notice out the window that there was an occasional need for a sword fight (however, I didn't know that we had so many enemies living among the tomatoes!)

It was funny to watch Matthew venture in between the tomato rows to dig into the plants in the middle.  The plants are all taller than he is.  He would sneak into the tomato forest and come out with one or two tiny tomatoes (they are called currant tomatoes because of their size).  For the length of time he was in there, my guess is that he probably ate six or seven to the one or two that he brought out and put into the bowl.  Eventually we had enough to eat for supper!

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