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Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Little Throwback Thursday Story

This is the only picture that I remember of these two people.  I remember going to their house and my parents talking about them.  They were no relatives of ours, just a couple that my parents knew.  We called them Grammy and Grampy Mitchell.

I can't make out the details much more than that other than to say that my feelings of their house were happy and fun.  By looking at the picture, I would say that I am around two or very close to it.  My brother was born in December when I was about 18-19 months old and he looks around 4-6 months old.

We lived on the Air Force base in Limestone, Maine so most of my parent's friends and acquaintances were Air Force and lived close by.  I can't say that I remember much about their house or anything else which made me think that my memories must be tied to this picture as photographs do help us to remember things that we wouldn't always remember otherwise.

 I always thought that until recently.  There seems to have been a revival of these candy peanuts.  Just looking at them makes me a little sick to my stomach because I am not a fan of marshmallowy candy.  But...I was realizing that every time I would see a pack of them in the store, my mind went right to Grammy and Grampy Mitchell.  Weird.  This is the only picture that I remember Mom having of them in our family albums and no candy peanuts anywhere to jog my memory.  Even so, every time I see them, I think of that elderly couple in Maine who treated their little visitors with candy peanuts.  I am going to chalk this one up to "my earliest memory".

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