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Monday, August 31, 2015

Mint Green Face Lift

Although we are not finished with the girls' remodel in their bedroom, they were able to get the painting done over the summer. They worked hard together to choose the color (which was probably the hardest part), move the furniture and paint the walls.

They chose an accent color on one wall which is a teal/blue color with a gray shade on the other three walls. They learned about patching holes in walls, "cutting in", patience, and that you should not be wearing a favorite shirt while painting a room.

Going from being surrounded by mint green to updating to a nice modern feel, they are ready to continue their quest to make this house their home.

The finished paint project turned out beautifully. They are both very happy with the results! The color got a much needed update and the atmosphere in which to share this small space has been refreshed!
They did a great job on the precise corners
of the accent wall!
Still need to decide on side tables and a few other pieces to
finish off the look!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

TBT: My Baby Ryan

I couldn't stop gathering pictures...this is my firstborn. Fun days!

Let's see...what else can I chew on!
Happy Baby!

This boy is pretty easy going...
MOST of the time!

An over tired Ryan finally asleep after some rocking.

Happy at play...every day!
Loved his swing!

Probably giggling at a silly sister!

Monday, August 17, 2015

School Days, School Days...Time to Buy School Supplies!

Oh it is time for school supplies again. Last week I gathered together the things that I had and sat with three lists for five kids. Entirely too much stuff to have to keep track of "who needs what"! We decided to take a little different approach this year with supplies.

I didn't have the energy when the school year ended (or maybe I was just sick of the year end routines of the past) to go through everything the kids brought home and see what was left. I just stuffed it all in our supply cabinet in the kitchen (actually, there are two cabinets I use to stash now that all of the children bring home stuff).

Imagine my surprise when I pulled stuff out and found that so many of the notebooks has only 5-10 pages used out of them and the folders that came home were in great shape! (Thanks to middle school and trapper keepers!) I asked my children if it would be a problem for them to reuse the stuff that we could so that we wouldn't have to keep doling out money every year for stuff that is hardly used. They were all in agreement (well, all but one who was MOSTLY in agreement).

 Looking up online the colors in the Crayola colored pencil 12 pack, we sorted through and found all the colors we needed and put them together four times to get the big kids their colored pencils. As you can see, if they happen to run out during the year, there are plenty still left in the bin to get through the year. The little boys did get brand new Crayolas (because, there are certain things that the school year can't start without), and new markers. I also hit the jackpot at Staples earlier this summer and bought all of their glue stick four packs on clearance for 50 cents each so those were new too.

I cut the school supply bill to about half by shopping between Walgreens (which had buy one get one free or half price) and Walmart which has the cheapest school supplies in town that I have found. It was nice to say that I spent under $100 for school supplies this year for five kids. That hasn't happened since...well, EVER!

One more week of summer vacation...we are going to make the most of it!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

27 Years Ago

It was 27 years ago today that I met this great guy:

Hmmm...how our stories can change drastically with one chance meeting. David and I both played the piano and so we were assigned to the same advisor. It was there, sitting in her office, waiting for our turns that we had our very first conversation the third day of orientation week our freshman year.

What started there developed into quite a friendship. It wasn't til the end of our freshman year that we decided that we were interested in pursuing a relationship that went beyond that. To celebrate this very momentous day in our lives, I am pulling out some oldies...never before scanned pictures from our early days together.

And so it began...and continues to this day! I know that we both consider ourselves to be very blessed. Like good wine, this relationship has only gotten better with age!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Survivor Files: Two Years CANCER FREE!

I have been a stranger lately to the blog but believe me, things have been happening around here! I will jump back in here this week and share some things but I will tell you something...I have had a GREAT summer with my family! The pool, video games, day trips up north, reading programs, sitting on the swing, gardening with my Dawn (forcing the others to help a little), counseling at summer camp, cub scout day camp, coordinating sleepovers, a day at the fair and a three-day garage sale along with so many other things!

I am taking a little time out today to post this picture from two years ago today. I wasn't up for much activity.  In fact, this and the two days immediately following it were probably three of the most miserable days of my life. 
Right after surgery, settled into my hospital bed
The good news which made it ALL worthwhile is that I was CANCER FREE! The good news now is that two years later, I am well. I can finally say that the healing is complete and I am feeling pretty close to my old self. Praise God for His blessings of patience, comfort, friends to surround me and my family who held me up and came in and took care of life while I couldn't.

Since our garage sale a few weeks ago, I have been unpacking more boxes, getting on the kids to do their chores more enthusiastically and organizing room by room in my "new house". We have lived here for two years coming up in November, but for the first time, I have the energy and strength to take care of those places that have been piling up. I have been unloading boxes and have noticed often that they contain quite a few things that I forgot I even had. So yes, I have plenty of things to set aside for next year's garage sale ALREADY!

Today...ready to trim some bushes in the yard!
For now, I am thankful for my journey. I praise my God everyday for the timing of my diagnosis which I know was all His doing. It is a beautiful day outside and I am going to take advantage of it and get out there!