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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Some Good News and Bad News

Wow...what a day it has been today.  God has been SO good, SO patient with us, SO much a Father to us in these last few months.  I am overwhelmed with the riches that He has given to us to our family, in our relationships, our perspective on life, in the building of our faith and the coming together as a team to make His glory seen!

It started, a day like many others, except for the slim chance that we could have an acceptance of an counteroffer we got in response to our counter offer.  Someone offered on our house yesterday.  As much as we would like her to be able to have it, we couldn't give it to her at the price she wanted.  So, we countered.  And she countered, and we countered our FINAL offer.  She wanted to talk to the bank today to see if it would work.  We decided not to get our hopes up.

So, like I said, was not expecting anything, still praying that God would allow us to bless her if that was His will (and we feel that we are blessing her with the price and the extras that have agreed to).  That aside, I had a doctors appointment to check on my "angry" spots.  David came with me and voiced his strong concern that nothing seems to be getting better.  Doc took one look and said "lets get her into surgery, it will take about an hour and we will take care of these once and for all".  And, out he went.  So, bad news, another surgery on October 3rd.  Out patient, and short but another surgery.  This time my physical has expired so even though I have had two surgeries this summer, I will still have to go see my family doctor to make sure I am healthy enough to have surgery.  (Although seems I am not healthy enough to heal from the last one so who knows what is the determining factor for THAT!)

BUMMER I am thinking, when will I ever feel better????  UGH!  I went right down to the lab to get my blood work done since I was there anyway.  I know the whole PCI building in and out.  Someday when I get bored with my life at home, I may try to get a job at the Caribou Coffee shop there at the clinic.  It seems like a second home to me!  Of course I will have to get bored with my life at home first and I have too much on my to do list for that!  After coffee with my honey, I dropped him back off at work.

Once home I arranged for childcare with my mom for next Thursday and settled into my recliner with the rest of my coffee.  Not ten minutes later, the phone rang.  The realtor was on the other end telling me that the counter offer was accepted and we need to come into the office and sign the new contract!  It really isn't real yet for me.  A little more after the kids got home and they were super excited.  

I know it has been a hope for so long that now it will take a while to get used to the idea!  I mean, selling our house wasn't even on our radar til mid June!  God has been so amazing to provide just enough distraction during every step of the cancer journey to have my eyes looking ahead toward a great possibility of a new house and then He has had me busy with recovery during the big stressful waiting period of selling the house.  We do not deserve any of the blessings He gives, we are truly thankful that He gives good gifts to his children!

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