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Saturday, September 14, 2013

But They Need Leotards!

Dawn had a dilemma.  She and Stacey love to set up their room with all kinds of things to play with their American Girl dolls (a lot of it is made from things here around the house).  Because Dawn has become a gymnast over the past year, the American Girl gymnastics set seemed like the perfect gift for her birthday.  What is the dilemma you ask?  Well, the dolls didn't have leotards to wear!

Being the creative quick-thinker that she is, she remembered the old socks that she had in the bottom of her sock drawer.  You know, the ones I have said over and over "you need to go through this sock drawer and get rid of all of the socks that are too little for you so you have room for the ones you do wear!"

Well, not listening to Mom paid off in this small way today as she found out if you cut four holes strategically in those "too small" socks, the girls (dolls) will have leotards and now they can use the new gymnastics equipment.  I thought it was a pretty brilliant idea, once again from the mind of my little innovator!

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