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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Looks Like I NEED a New Black Pair of Sandals

I wanted to make it to church this morning.  Being gone for a couple of weeks, I missed being there, seeing everyone and getting out of the house.  So, when David came in this morning and kissed me at 8:40 a.m. (guess who missed their alarm?) I was jolted awake and asked why he didn't wake me up sooner!

Thankfully I didn't need to take a shower this morning so that saved some time.  I found the perfect outfit that would look fine for church and also cover up all of my necessary undergarments.  The color scheme leaned toward black so I slipped on my black sandals and got in the van.

Matthew wanted me to take him to his class today so I told him he would have to tell me which class was his.  I hadn't taken him to his new class yet since I have been gone the last couple of weeks.  I was lead by one of the helpers in the hallway to the children's church room not knowing that this isn't the Sunday school room for Matt.  He started crying and said he didn't want me to leave.  I wasn't sure why he was having such a hard time and eventually I just left him.

That was a little more drama than I expected.  So, as I made my way to grab some coffee I noticed something wasn't quite right with my foot.  Looking down I saw that the left sandal strap had come loose and had broken.  Amazingly enough, in approximately five more steps, the right strap popped and it was broken too!  What are the chances that both sandals would have popped at almost the exact same time?

The funniest thing about this story isn't that I had to try to find a way to wear these shoes through the rest of the morning at church, but the funniest thing about this story is that I have been in the shoe store at least six or seven times to buy black sandals to replace these.  I figured that I have had these sandals for about 16-17 years.  I had these long before I was a mother, long before my feet size expanded.  In fact, for awhile I wasn't able to get my foot into them.  After Matt was born though they must have stretched out because I was back to wearing them.

So, every time I went in to buy a new pair of black sandals, in the back of my mind I would say "Hmm, I do still have those good black sandals that work for dress up and dress down, I don't really need a new pair."  So, I would walk out of the store without a new pair of black sandals.  I think we have reached the day when I can walk into the shoe store and pick out a new pair of black sandals because now, I NEED black sandals!

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