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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cancer Files: Overcomer!

We have a great God!  I sit here in my house moping around this week because I am not getting well fast enough (for my liking anyway), have had a couple small setbacks, my house is not sold yet and at least three or four specific doubts have been left (probably with my permission) in my head to grow dangerously close to bringing me down!  The physical healing has definitely been progressing, the emotional and mental healing is a bit behind.

Did I also mention how I watch my wonderful husband come home, and after tackling a day at work he jumps in and does most of what I usually do in the evenings?  Feeling a little sorry for myself and worthless right now?  Yes!  Am I surprised? No!  I have a tendency to let my human-ness show sometimes.  It isn't too pretty for those who haven't seen that first hand.  But maybe, some can relate?  You know who you are, those who aren't afraid to let some of the real-ness of your life show every now and then.  My husband tells me that I am all out there, that no one ever has to guess what I am thinking.  I know for a fact that is not true because he is the only one who really knows me, he "gets" to see the whole me (not just the facebook version of my life).

Lets face it, don't we all do as much as we can to put our "best life" forward even when the risk isn't very great? Well, I am a true believer in putting my "real life" forward even if the risk is great.  We only have one life to live, one chance to make an impact.  How do we know what God has planned for our weaknesses?  How can we know the effect our storms of life can have on other people?  In my experience, sharing our true selves in a real way leads to more joy than pain or embarrassment.  How many times have I second guessed a note I was going to send, or a few words I would say only to later regret that my true wish is that I had entered that life at that time with what only I could give.  Being on the other side of that lately, I know the importance of the perfectly timed interaction!

So, lets bring this all down to brass tacks...I am weak, but I have strong friends in the Lord, they let Him use them.  There have been a few friends in my life in the last 48 hours who have spoken truth to my heart.  If you don't have people in your life that can do that for you, pray for that...it is so important on the good days and the bad days.  I also have been touched by someone I don't even know who sent a note of encouragement to me.  I need to do that, reach out when I see a need, even to those I may not feel like I know.  That very act could open the door to a new dimension of life through a new relationship.

There are a lot of things to overcome in this world, whether it is the cynical, ungrateful world we face each day (have you ever just smiled at someone at the grocery store and seen their reaction of surprise or horror?), or something more tangible like grief or illness or a lonely spell in life.  God sent me those this week who were willing to put something out there, written word, a long distance link on facebook, or God's word quoted over coffee.  I am certainly not bouncing around happily giddy, but I am feeling VERY blessed!

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