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Friday, September 13, 2013

Cancer Files: A New Recovery Protocol

For the last couple of days, my husband has noticed three different areas in my incisions that don't seem to be healing.  In fact, last night, there was a gaping hole.  Because I haven't been feeling the best the last couple of days either, we were a little concern that somewhere there was an infection.  Thankfully, there was a doctor's appointment scheduled for today so we could get the doctors thoughts on the situation.

First he wanted to reassure us that this happens occasionally and it will take weeks to heal, it is what they call "delayed healing".  My thoughts were "hasn't this already taken WEEKS?"  Patience, Jody, Patience.  It is really annoying to STILL not be able to do even the most basic things for my family.  But, getting well is a bigger job than I originally thought.  And now, there are a few more things to do in my day.

These strips that have been soaked in a bleach substance are to be packed into the three gaping places and dressed with gauze twice daily.  Well, at least it gives me something else to do while I am laying around!  The doctor also gave me a twice a day dose of antibiotic to ward off any infection.

He said that nothing is infected right now but we don't want anything to come up so we will take precaution.  What I am worried about the most is whether or not there will be bleach spots on Mom's van carpet since when we got back from lunch, the bag had tipped and some of the solution had leaked out!

Doctor asked all kinds of questions about how I was feeling, achy, headache, nauseous?  Yes, yes and yes.  David asked when he got home "did you tell him you did all the laundry in the past couple days, cooked, cleaned up the bathroom, swept the floor and changed the sheets out on your bed?"  Yeah, I got his drift, he had already lectured me on not overdoing it.  So, I will back down again and give myself a little more healing time.  I am doing a new "sitting in my recliner" project that I am a little excited about so maybe that will keep my mind in creative mode.  Meanwhile, I have to get these kids to pick up after themselves more consistently!  They go off to school each day but I get to hang out here and I am tired of staring at their MESS!

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