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Monday, September 23, 2013

Cancer Files: Bye-Bye Binders!

Whoopie!!!!  I am binder free!  The day came that I was looking forward to and also fearing.  The doctor said I don't NEED the binders to keep me all together anymore.  After week four, my body should be able to maintain it's new shape without much help. (I wore them til week 5 and 2 days just to be sure!)

The fear came from the fact that I haven't been comfortable (in fact, I have been very UNCOMFORTABLE) without one even just laying on my bed longer than 10-15 minutes.  So, I was a little afraid of walking around with everything "unbound".  With the wound vac doing its own thing, it isn't that bad after all.  With the gaping wound being vacuumed closed, it is MUCH more comfortable moving around than it has been.  I am not happy with the healing on the right side top incision so tomorrow at the doctor we will have to see what he has to say about it.  It is funny how the right side that had the cancer has reconstructed pretty well.  The left side that we opted to include to try to keep things even and uniform is causing some problems and that incision is getting worse, not healing.

We will just keep following doctors orders and one of these days we will see some progress.  But for now...I need to find time to get to the chiropractor.  The binder was doing my back's work for it and it has forgotten how to keep me upright without complaining!

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