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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Update On My Arm

I went to the surgeons office on Friday morning so that she could see how the antibiotics have been working that I started on Sunday. The doctor in the walk in clinic said that it looked like the start of an infection. In an arm with missing lymph nodes I was glad that we took action quickly. Now instead of bright red and warm, it just looks like there is a bruise on the inside of my elbow. It is still painful but not too bad.

The surgeon took one look at it and told me that it is what is called thrombophlebitis. She assured me that it is most likely superficial which is actually a real thing. You can read about it here if you are so inclined. This is something that can happen after lymph node removal. Since it is superficial there is no need for blood thinners but I need to take Tylenol or ibuprofen and use cool or warm packs depending how it feels.

I have developed cording which is described in more detail when I looked up Axillary Web Syndrome. I had read about it after the surgery when I had these type of pains and when it felt like they had taken the lymph nodes out and inserted a rubber band along the armpit and inner arm all the way down to my wrist and then tightened it as tight as they could. I have gotten almost to full range on my right arm but there are times when the pain returns for a day or more.

I am happy that whatever is going on shouldn't affect my last round of the "bad stuff" coming up on Tuesday. We certainly don't want to drag this out any longer than we have to! There is also a little confession I have to make. I posted this nice and restful looking picture of me but I haven't been very restful. I have had FUN but I haven't been sleeping as well. Time to slow down for a few days.


  1. Rest up for Tuesday!! Praying for all of it and all of you!!!!

  2. Feel better. I still have problem after lymph node removal.

    1. I know you do! I hate that! I was hoping maybe I could be on the other side of the statistics but it looks like I will have to be on top of things on the right side.