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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Birthday Party Day

Today is birthday party day. With four birthdays in one week, we have learned to a thing or two about birthday parties. The 14-year-olds still like bouncy houses so that is what we had today. A 7-year old party this afternoon, and then this evening, the older kids came for their party.

I won't have time today to go over all of the party pictures so I will post the result of yesterday's work in the kitchen. Four cakes, four happy party kids!

First, there is Matthew's cake. He is becoming a Pokemon fan with a little help from his friends (since none of us in our house really know much about it, although I am learning fast), I told him I wasn't going to make a creature but how about a pokeball? (whatever that is!) So, for those of you who don't know either, this is what it looks like!

Ryan is still a big Zelda fan so here we have Link (with a sunburn since I didn't have any tan M&M's...didn't they USED to make tan?) I was hoping there would be a little space on the side to put a piano keyboard since Ryan has been learning many of the songs from the Zelda game. I love the music and so hearing him play has been a great source of happiness for me!

I had a wonderfully easy idea for Stacey's cake until she asked for a vanilla and strawberry checkered cake. (Not nearly as quick) So, I made a deal with her. I told her that if I make the checkerboard cake (which you can't see until you cut it I know so sorry that the full effect can't be seen here), she would have to let me decorate it however I want. She agreed. Since she hasn't been a "girly-girl" I took advantage and made a princess cake. She actually loved it!

Dawn loves chocolate and she has been a big Zelda player this year too. She has also been sending Pinterest posts of Zelda cakes. (Hmmm...so this is what I came up with) I just tried to make it as close as a couple of the ones she "submitted". She is thrilled to have a chocolate cake all her own.

Party days are fun, the kids have a blast and they make memories. For me, it is just a little bit of normal that makes me smile.

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