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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Getting Things Done

It is amazing how awful you can feel one day and then just a couple days later how you can be tootling around town running here and there and almost forgetting that you are a cancer patient on chemotherapy. At least until you start sweating like crazy in the middle of a warehouse where you are picking up boy scout popcorn. Then you are just hoping that your wig doesn't slide off in the middle of loading boxes in the car!

Before Bed
I woke up and decided to try wearing my wig all day. I can't really feel confident to take a sub job until I know I can feel like I can get through a day with hair. The morning started slowly at home after getting the kids off to school. I was reading in Philippians over coffee and then headed downstairs to sew on some of the scarves and hats. The scarf I had cut out last week went together very quickly and I was able to cut out three more hats and get them ready to sew. I am supper excited that the new stretch needles are doing their job beautifully since knit and stretch fabrics are not what I love working with.

There was an oral surgeon consultation for one of the kids this afternoon and then I had to go pick up the popcorn for our scout pack. (Same kid got to help Mom load popcorn too!) Since the temperature wasn't supposed to get too high today I thought it would be a good day to try a "good hair day". Except for that little bit of time in the warehouse, there was about ten minutes watching Matthew on the soccer field that was a little warm. Besides that all went well.

The day ended with a wonderful girls night out with some friends. I think girls night out is the only time I arrive somewhere on time! It was a full day. I have still had some bone pain and it throbs a little more as the day has gone on, but it hasn't kept me from the things I had to do today and for that I am so very grateful.

I look forward to some time tomorrow down in my sewing room. Soon I can model some new head wear for days I don't really feel like "doing" my hair!

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