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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

More Birthday Fun...And a Little Good News

Much better birthday present!
It is hard to pick one topic to blog about on some days. There are so many good things to write about. I have to start by catching up on the rest of the birthday celebration! Poor Ryan, when he opened his birthday present yesterday morning I knew he was disappointed. David and I really didn't know what to present him with since I couldn't pick up his real gift (we had the screen on his iPad fixed) til after he had gone to school. (Special thanks to Nathan Longwisch who did an amazing job fixing it!)

So, David decided to get him a couple of nun-chucks (or however you spell it) for our Wii since the boys have all but rendered the four we had unusable over the years! Well, thing is...Ryan plays most of his games on the computer or his iPad and even the Wii games he likes don't really use those, so when he opened his gift, Matthew and Zach cheered but I knew that he was probably disappointed.

Chic-Fil-A supper celebrating at Matt's
favorite restaurant!
I couldn't wait til he got home from school and it took longer because he has cross country practice every day. There was a small window between when he got home from there to when he had to be at soccer practice so we were able to give him his gift. He was very happy with that! I asked him why he hadn't asked where it is for two days and he said he asked Matthew and he said it was broken and we couldn't use it!

There was a lot of activities for the children so we taxiied a lot. We were all home by 7:30 except for Dawn who was babysitting til late. We decided since there wasn't time to make supper when we hadn't been home, that we would go to Chic-Fil-A for Matthew's birthday (Thanks so much to the Funck family for the giftcard!) We ate there and then dropped Dawn's dinner off at her babysitting location. It was a fun end to the day.

I waited to post a little later today because I had my follow up with the doctor about my thyroid. Good news and not so good news I guess. The good news is that both of the large nodules are still benign! The doc showed me the PET scan where there was uptake on the left side. He told me that the biopsy doctor took samples from the reddest area on the left nodule so he was pretty confident that there is no cancer there at this time. WOO HOO!

The not so great news is that the nodules are still growing and there are more of them. So, good that I don't have to worry about questionable thyroid nodules again til breast cancer treatment is done! We will visit again in six months for another ultrasound. I asked him if the ultrasound would warrant another biopsy could I opt to just have the surgery and he said I would be in charge at that point. So far my symptoms of the enlarged and nodulated (I think I made that word up!) thyroid are not unbearable. Another good day.

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