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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Small Things Are Sometimes Big Things

Look at my van key! It is hanging on a key chain and I am BEYOND thrilled! I have to send a HUGE shout out to my friend Emily Hoffman who read my blog back in July while I was recovering from surgery and offered her assistance.

It took me a few months (and two more times of locking my key in the van) before I remembered she had told me she thought she could help. See, these silly new keys with the chip and the fob built into the actual key cost around $250 to replace at the dealership and the plastic ring part of my old key had broken so I couldn't put it on a keychain.

When you are trying to keep track of just one key, it drops without hearing it (which was the case in the blog I had written), or, I will think I slipped it into my pocket when I had actually put it in my purse and then decided without thinking to leave my purse and take just my phone while I watch soccer (yea, you probably read that post a few weeks back!)

I stopped in at John's Lock and Key where Emily works and she showed me that they have the skeleton part of the plastic fob and can transfer the "innards" from the factory key into the plastic. Maybe some people knew about that but I didn't. Cool! As long as the chip and everything is in the new the key can be used to start the van. I am not paying for the expensive insides because she could transfer that into the new case.

She also made me a flat key that fits into the case of my phone, just in case one of those days come when I am distracted and the van key is in my purse in the locked van. That just made my day and I wanted to be sure you all knew where you can go if you need some help like this! Thank you Emily and John's Lock and Key!

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