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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Someone Tried to Steal My Joy!

Yesterday was an awesome day! I got to visit in the afternoon with a good friend over coffee, yarn and cross stitch. I got a pleasant surprise from a new friend and blog reader who was out to the store and thought of me. She picked up a box of quart jars and delivered them to my door. She knew where my mom lived and knew I lived next door! Thank you Jean! The quart jars are sanitized and ready for spaghetti sauce tomorrow!

I also got a special invitation to a Strands of Strength fundraising luncheon next month. A corporate donor sponsored two of the tables so that the cancer center could provide a spot for some of the patients who have been going through treatments. The nutritionist who called told me that she and my social worker had picked out a few for the top of the list. I told her that I felt honored that they thought of me. She said no one she talks to in the office understands why with all that happened three years ago that I am back and this time for chemo and the rest.

Again, she was another that told me that I am an inspiration. It is very humbling. I really believe that there are two ways to go through something like this. I refuse to be miserable, with all of my power I will give it to God and let Him deal with it. It is too heavy for me. So, all in all a great day right?

Yes, until soccer practice! David took four kids to church for activities and a parent meeting and I took Matt to soccer practice. Putting my key in the pocket of my purse where I always put it, while engaging in conversation with my son I somewhere in there decided that I was just going to grab my phone and crochet and leave my purse in the van. I of course locked it...every door. You see where this is going don't you? Yeah...

Well, thankfully the hour of practice wasn't miserable because I was totally oblivious to the fact that I left the key in my purse in the locked van until I stood up to go and felt my pocket and was met with the sinking thought "I didn't slip the key in my pocket...it is in my purse, in the locked van." Ugh! David was at church in a parent meeting and I really didn't want him to drive halfway home to rescue me and then have to go back.

Then I remembered my mom and dad started choir practice so if they just left with David, he could use his key to open the door and get them in and Mom or Dad could drive the van home. So I arranged that via phone message and text and called my sister-in-law to see if she could come and take Matt and I to our house. I love her and spending time with her but it was a treat to see my brother who came in the truck to take us home. I don't get as much time to catch up with my brothers as I do with my sister and SIL's so it was a little treat to ride home and talk.

First attempt at selfie with my short arm...
So far so good...then we got home. Someone had taken the extra effort that they DIDN'T take to turn all of the lights off in the house to lock every single door. I hadn't thought of that either until I got home and remembered my house key is in my purse too. Sy offered to drive us to his house because Mom and Dad had his son with them and when they dropped him off they could bring us home.

Sy's arm is longer so we did better the with the second one!
A little extra Pokemon
tonight snuggled
with Moxie
I have an injection that had just gone in via my "robot" nurse stuck to my arm and I was starting to feel the worn out feeling. I was just glad to be in the neighborhood. Being their kids, we know ways to get into our parent's house so Matt and I just thought we would hang out there. I had crochet, and my phone and Uncle Sy got Netflix on their tv. Sy, being sweet like he is stayed and kept me company.

What a blessing it was to catch up. Grand Central was quiet and a one on one conversation was special. We laughed a lot and talked serious stuff too. No, there was no joy stolen today. I didn't get back to my tomatoes and will probably head to bed when I close this post out. We tried all of the keys hanging on the hooks at Mom and Dads but our house key wasn't there. We will have to remedy that I suppose. Everyone made it home...along with my van and purse with van and house key fully recovered. Life it too short to get worked up about dumb stuff! It was a different evening than what I had imagined but still so very good!

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