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Thursday, September 22, 2016

A Musical Update

So, this happened about 20 minutes before I left for the cross country meet yesterday! Zachary got his trumpet! He got it right out and showed me the mouth piece and repeated everything he learned about how to take care of it and how it goes in the case!

It just goes to show that if a kid is interested in something, they will remember everything they need to know. He showed me how to warm up his lips with the mouthpiece, and then how to hold it and where his fingers go on the valves.

Then he gave me a little demonstration. I will have to say, there were some rough notes, but he did not let that stop anything. There were many very good clear notes too. He actually went up a scale three notes and looked at me with a surprise!

He had it out a few times tonight working on making some good sound. I am sure that I am going to love hearing him practice and learn on this another new adventure.

Meanwhile, I will have to get to the music store because two eighth graders are going to be trying their hand at marching band at the Marion Invitational this weekend. The eighth graders are doing an exhibition on Saturday. They are both excited to try that out and I am excited to see it!

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