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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Meanwhile...Back In My Thyroid

My picture is not quite this pretty!
Thursday I had an ultrasound to see what my thyroid is up to. I was in for bloodwork and the ultrasound. I will consult over it all with the doctor next week. I was hoping that my chemo/radiation regimen would put a damper in the ENT's excitement to take my thyroid out in the next six months even if the nodules had grown. Sometime a couple of weeks after camp in June my voice was getting stronger again and I hadn't had as many episodes of the swallowing discomfort. I don't really know what he would say. (secretly thinking - "maybe they have shrunk" even though he had told me that doesn't really happen)

Since I saw him last I have had a PET scan when we were diagnosing the breast cancer stage. Just as a review, there was some uptake in the left node of my thyroid that my oncologist noted and passed on to the ENT. So I am interested in what he will say about that. Uptake doesn't necessarily mean cancer but it does mean he will probably want to do further testing. I am hoping that it wouldn't be a RIGHT NOW kind of thing. My aunt went through thyroid cancer, removal and treatment just last spring so they have tagged me as a "person of thyroid interest".

The ultrasound tech was wonderful. She was very compassionate as she went through everything that is in my record since the last time we met. Although I haven't gotten official word from the doctor yet, the tech told me that comparing, it looks like there may be some of the nodules that have shifted shape but by volume it looks like there isn't any change in size. I will take that as good news for now.

She also said that because both nodes are growing nodules "symmetrically" that it is a better sign. If there was one side full and the other side not, they would be more concerned. For now, that is good enough for me! She hugged me as I left and told me that I should keep shining. I told her that I have survived by faith and it is a lot easier knowing that someone bigger is taking the burden.

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