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Thursday, August 18, 2016

The New Middle Schooler

Summer is coming to a close. Tonight the 8th graders went to their open house and dropped off their school supplies and met some of their teachers. It always takes awhile because Stacey likes to go down every hallway and check in with most of her old teachers. There are no pictures of 8th graders at open house because they just don't do that anymore!

But there is a 5th grader who had an open house too! So I got some pictures. I dropped the 8th graders home and told Zach to grab his stuff. We were going up a little early to get a chance to try out his locker combination. It took a few trys and just a little frustration but after about the third time working hard to get the arrow on just the right tick.

Once he got it he did it over and over and over. I had to almost pull him away to remind him that we also were going to talk to his teachers. He LOVED working his locker. I was so thankful that his combination was an easy one for him to remember.

In the meeting Zachary got all of his questions answered about what time school started in the morning and that for the first week or more the teachers will bring them from one room to the other so they will know where they are supposed to go. He seemed very comfortable seeing each room and hearing a little bit about what they were going to be learning.

Then there were the things I learned that helped me to know what I need to help Zachary with the new transition and keeping track of homework and class responsibilities. I am thrilled the the locker worked well and that it actually is something he looks forward to. After meeting his teachers I feel like he is in good hands. After leaving and heading home I was comforted to know that this whole transition could very well be harder on me than it is on him!

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