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Thursday, August 11, 2016

A Little Organizing

I have not seen the top of my desk since April when I started substitute teaching. I got behind on a few things and everything piled up on my desk. Then summer came and who wants to sit there and wade through stacks and stacks of paper, many of them are stuff that should have probably been put right in the trash when they came in the house.

I haven't enjoyed sitting at my computer all summer long and so I decided yesterday that I should at least find the top of the desk. I did and then I got the organizing bug so I started going through cabinets. I stopped to do something fun and write a card to send and thought "I should buy some new cards". That is when I got a moment of clarity and remembered that I had three boxes full of cards downstairs.

It has been so long since I have used the mail to send greetings or cards that for a moment I forgot that I used to love to do that! I took a small detour and pulled them up and sorted through them. That is when I decided to find a place for them up at my desk so I might remember that they are there!

I am happy to have a somewhat organized desk, but I am also pretty proud of the three times I had to empty my garbage can because I was getting rid of some of the useless papers and things that have been piling up in my life! Tomorrow, I am going to tackle more veggies in the kitchen! It will be nice to look over at my desk and actually see it while I am working.

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