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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Guess Who's Home!

Ryan left last Sunday morning before the rooster crowed to head up north to the boundary waters. He spent the week canoeing and camping in the great outdoors. I missed him. Yesterday in the middle of our freezer meal cooking David went to pick him up.

It was nice to have him home. He didn't jump right in and tell me all about the trip right away but I made him come with me to get him his new shoes for the school year along with new running shoes for cross country. He doesn't like shopping very much at all so when I also told him that we needed to stop in at Walmart to return a few things, he was not thrilled.

I pulled out the big guns. "How about we stop at DQ on the way home? Ice cream makes anything better! We sat and ate our Blizzards and took a sample permit test (you know, he will be 14 NEXT month!) He told me he had taken a few of the samples online and didn't do too well. I thought I would help him by explaining the answers as we went along.

Embarrassingly enough, we didn't pass. There were a couple of questions that I had no idea why they would need to ask a 14-year-old trying to get a permit! There was one I saw as helpful to know about making a right turn on red, oh, and maybe the one about which color a rest stop sign would be but other than that...not so sure!

On the way home he reminded me that I was going to take him to a parking lot so he could try his hand at driving. As we drove I told him he better take off his slip ons and put on his new shoes. "Why?" he asked. He got a big smile on his face when I told him "Well, I don't want you driving the van in slip-ons!"

He did a great job. Driver training three may not be too bad. I have had two of them try for a little bit and they are both excited to try again. We will do a lot more of it in just a little over a month! But first...it looks like a little more studying for the test!

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