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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A Little Time to Sew

What scout mom doesn't have olive green thread to use to tack up her scout son's new pants? I guess I learned this weekend that it is me! I have a few shades of khaki so I made due with what I had since I really wanted to just get the job done before Ryan went off on his trip.

Lucky for me, after hemming and tacking up his two new pairs of pants (there are five more inches to let down tacked up in the hem of these babies so we are good for awhile!) I had a fun doing some quilting. I mean, I was at my machine and everything was right there! So, productive day Saturday with hemming and quilting. Next project I will get to is back cutting up soccer uniforms for my soccer field blanket!

The great thing about the basement where my sewing is set up is that it is so cool! It is great to get out of the heat and still get some things done!

I am hoping that in the next few days the drain under may arm that has been there since my first surgery will be draining little enough to remove before this week is over. It is so uncomfortable to move my arm around and the best news is that once the drain is out I can move out of the very bulky and uncomfortable surgical vests!

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