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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Supper From the Garden

Well I can say that I am catching up with life again while the kids have gone off to their first two half days of school. Catching up means that I can go through the day thinking of things to blog and then realize the day has gotten away from me and I haven't made the time.  Oh well, it has been a productive two days!

Monday night was our traditional First Day of School Eve sushi night. So Tuesday I decided to throw together some lasagna to make the first day of school a little "upscale" since it is not very often that my children get to enjoy lasagna. Zachary has been the one who constantly reminds me as he is the resident "Garfield the Cat" lover. He will often ask "Mom, are we going to have anything Italian for supper tonight?"

Well, Tuesday the answer was YES! My plan was to make a regular lasangna for the five members of the family that eat gluten. Then I planned on making another full pan with gluten free noodles so Zach could eat that and I could freeze the rest in individual servings to have when people bring meals to us or I just don't have the energy to make an extra gluten free something for him.

Since chemo I have kinda been more lax with  my own gluten free rule because right now it is important for me to eat well and lets just say, whole grains are things that I sometimes crave. I have been keeping it in moderation and just two or three times a week. But with all of the zucchini around from the garden I was craving my own vegetable lasagna made with zucchini. The BEST thing about that is NOT ONE OTHER SINGLE PERSON in this house craves that too! Go figure!

So I put together a whole pan of zucchini lasagna and as I did with Zachary, I ate some for dinner and saved out one for lunch Wednesday and then froze the rest in individual servings. My problem is lunches. I don't really go out of my way when it is just me at home to make a regular kind of lunch for myself. It is usually granola bars or some kind of snacky thing if we don't have any leftovers from supper the night before. This way, now on occasion I will be able to heat up something good for me.

I picked a big bowl full of tomatoes from the garden Tuesday morning and worked on the sauce. The kids were home as it was going together and thankfully Mom had popped over right before the ortho appointment and she was able to get the rest of the sauce mixed up and cooking. So, what started on the vine in the form of tomatoes and zucchini was in our meal by days end.

What is pictured in the pot is what was leftover after I put together the lasagnas. That was packaged into two freezer bags for future spaghetti nights. Ryan complained "why do you get a whole lasagna to yourself?" When I answered him "because it is made out of zucchini instead of noodles" the look of horror on his face was priceless! He used to be my baby who ate everything when the triplets were little. Now the only thing that he eats that is green is broccoli. At least that is something! He was not at all interested when I told him I would share if it really meant that much to him!

I really LOVE this time of year!

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