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Monday, March 24, 2014

Three New Family Members

Over the weekend while I was driving back and forth from Waverly with Zach and his gymnastics, Dawn and her dad were off to Pet Smart to buy the newest members of our family.  It was big news because she got her aquarium for Christmas.

Over the last few months they have worked so hard to get just the right chemistry in that aquarium not without some disappointments.  Thinking that the water was good, they brought home a snail and a water frog last month.  I have to say that Stacey and Dawn gave their love to the frog for two weeks until he became a sacrifice of the learning curve.

Thankfully, Scooch the snail has thrived in the harsh-for-frogs environment and is still with us.  Now he has three friends to get to know.  I am so glad that there are creatures that can finally live in the aquarium and add joy to the lives of my daughters.  The boys love to go and watch them blast through the water and dash through the bubbles.  After the last couple of days we can tell they are getting used to each other and their new home!

New Fish - Very Energetic!

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