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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Freezer Meal Night!

My kitchen has not always been my favorite place to be.  I have always wished that I liked to cook and bake more than I do.  Tonight I got to enjoy the company of friends while we put together freezer meals for each other's freezers.

I have done freezer meals for our family many times and love having things in the freezer to pull out and make things easier on those busy days but I have never done it with others who bring along their own recipes to share.

Each person brought a recipe and the meat for all of the different meals the eight of us were making.  Lyn graciously went to Sams and purchased our non-meat ingredients and then totalled up and divided to figure how much it would cost each of us.  I was surprised how economical it is.  I am pretty sure that this is a money saving activity!  Then we all put together our recipe eight times and handed them out to the others.  I got to host and I have to say, it was so fun!

As everyone left with eight meals for their freezer I couldn't help but get a little emotional thinking about last summer when I was praying for the opportunity to buy this house.  I used to tell God all of the things that we could do to serve Him with this home.  We broke in the kitchen in a big way and look forward to doing this again.

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