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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Survivor Files: Add a Little Suction and Rest

If you see me in the next couple of weeks and wonder why I seem to be so attached to my new purse (that isn't AT ALL fashionable), you can be assured that it isn't a permanent thing.  In fact, the only thing that fits in my "purse" is a wound vac!

Yes, today included the installation of a wound vac in my open wound.  It started at 9:15 at my plastic surgeon who doesn't seem to know what to do with the current situation.  He sent me to the wound clinic last week to get a wound vac and so the first thing he said when he looked at the progress was "why isn't there a wound vac on that wound?"

I told him that they said at the wound clinic that they weren't going to put one on because of how big the wound was underneath the surface.  The insurance wouldn't cover it since they don't measure the wound inside, just the quarter sized opening.  The wound clinic said they would let my doc know what happened and that they decided to treat it a different way.  After the first 20 seconds of my appointment today, I realized that they hadn't communicated with his office about that decision.

That made me feel like a ping pong ball bouncing between two doctor's offices.  The doctor told me he would call over to the wound clinic and tell them to put the wound vac on.  So of course, the doctor at the wound clinic informed me he was told to put on a wound vac.  And so they did.  The last time I had a wound vac on, my plastic surgeon pulled it off after not even two weeks because he decided to do surgery.  I was a little afraid of that this time so I hope he gives it the proper amount of time to heal properly.

I was a little concerned because I was running a low grade fever again.  They asked the question that I hate most through all of this "are you taking it easy?" or my other favorite "are you doing too much?"  I always answer with the same answer "I have five kids".   How in the world am I supposed to take it easy?  Maybe I will try it tomorrow.

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