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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Girl's Day Out

Dawn asked me last week if she could get her ears double pierced.  She had them pierced for the first time when she was 4 and so I told her that it would be okay with me if her dad agreed.  Well, he did, and by the weekend both girls had decided to go ahead and get another set of holes in their ears.

Don't think that I got left out of all of the fun.  After one of my surgeries last fall I had forgotten about earrings for about a month after the surgery.  I realized that I hadn't put my earrings in and struggled for awhile until (with the help of a sharp needle) I got all but one earring back in.  Up on top where my cartilage is pierced on my left ear, there was no way I was going to get that thing back in.

Once we got to Clarie's in the mall, I decided to go ahead and let them re pierce the hole that grew shut and get myself a little more back to normal.

Stacey went first.  She had asked me a couple times during the week if it was going to hurt.  "Yes", I told her.  She didn't like my answer but well, I have a little experience with piercing and it hurts.  Sometimes for just a minute, sometimes an hour or two and sometime for the whole six weeks til you take that thick stud out and put in an earring with a regular sized post.  She was pleasantly surprised when it didn't hurt as bad as she thought it would.

Dawn did well too and before we knew it, I was up in the chair while two girls were wandering around the store looking for a new pair of earrings for the bottom holes.  Leaving me in the chair to get my ear pierced alone, I went ahead and got it done so I could join them in the shopping.  It was a fun day.

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