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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Cancer Files: Meanwhile...

This morning I spent some time in bed talking to my girl Dawn about spring break.  She jumped into bed with me and helped me almost pass my current level on Candy Crush which has been causing me grief.  That is not my only grief though.  After an impromptu doctor's appointment yesterday (more on yesterday in a minute.) I am today waiting for an appointment at the Wound Clinic to have a wound vac installed in my current open wound.
During the fun and festivities that were going on this past weekend, under it all, there was a new spot brewing on my incision AGAIN!  I was glad for the wedding diversion, but by Sunday morning when I woke up, the spot was not only pink and yellow, but there were a couple of places under the skin that were dark and bruise looking (which means there is bleeding under there somewhere.)
I had planned to call the doctor on Monday morning so I continued through Sunday as normal.  The pain was manageable and I am thankful of that, but on Monday morning I woke up in a mess of bloody sheets and clothing.  After cleaning all of it up, and packing the little area I have been working on for the last three weeks, I called the doctor.  An appointment was set for 3:30 p.m. to see him.
The appointment time rolled around.  Once again, doctor stood over the wound very perplexed as to why there keeps popping up these areas that just won't heal.  It is a little disheartening when the doctor looks confused.  He opened it up a little more to about the size of a quarter and found that it tunnels about 4.5 cm under the surface.  His recommendation, a wound vac.  So, since the December surgery when he gave me three choices following the discovery that the surgery didn't work, we have now gone through all three choices to land at wound vac which makes a nice big scar to deal with when all of this is over. (See January 3rd post)
This side isn't as numbed as the other side so I do have to say this is the most pain I have had since the surgery back in August.  David is back to packing and we are thankful that there will be no more than twice he will have to do that!
The guy at the Wound Clinic called this morning to get all the preliminary questions answered.  That speeds up the process this afternoon.  He was very encouraging and uplifting.  Those people are so great at encouraging.  I am sure they see a lot of discouraged people. 
As bummed as the kids were that we weren't going to go anywhere for Spring break, there seems to be an understanding now that wow, what if we were away from home right now when Mom needs a doctor and the wound clinic.  I hate that this is how it has to be learned but God has a way of teaching us at every level.

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