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Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Little Progress

I am pretty excited for the progress I have made in my office area, or as my kids have heard me call it, my "Command Center".  When we moved I didn't have a lot of time to organize everything so that area has been moved to the back burner.

I was so excited about finding my label maker that I decided to use it in a big way!  Over the weekend I pulled everything out of the cabinets in the Command Center and sorted them.  After finding some boxes with organizing items, I pulled a few things out and made them work in the cabinets.

Saturday was a HUGE success.  Everything has a place and that makes me happy!  This week I have continued to organize and label.  It is a good feeling to gain some control of things!

Now, if I can just train the rest of the family to keep their stuff to themselves and off of my counter.  A girl can wish!

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