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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Going to the Wedding

I got to take Matthew to Kelli and Jason's wedding rehearsal Friday afternoon.  Mom rode along with us and it was a great thing that she did!  We needed her expertise to tack up the arms on his tux jacket, his tux shirt and the legs on the pants!
Because of a mix up with the tuxes, Matt's wasn't a very good fit.  All is well that ends well as you can see.  The wedding was beautiful and Matthew was a hit!  He was SO good!  There are not enough capital S's and O's to describe how so good he was!  Very well behaved and very fun to hang out with all weekend.

I am pretty sure that Matthew would say he had a lot of highlights of the weekend.  No offense to the family but I think he probably would pick the swimming pool as his number one favorite thing.  We went twice, once Friday night after rehearsal and once Saturday morning before we got ready for the wedding.  He also enjoyed dressing up, spending time with his Minnesota cousins, the photo booth at the reception and getting to drink pop!

He did such a good job listening to instructions so I told Matt that there was no doubt in my mind that he is ready for kindergarten this fall.  I watched him this weekend do his "special job" perfectly!

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