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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Diversion...What Fun!

I have spent the last couple of days taking it easy.  It is not something that I am good at doing but, I know that it is important if this healing is going to take place.  It has helped that I haven't been feeling the best and I haven't felt like doing much.

I have been reading and resting and hanging out with the kids on spring break and giving orders now and then when something needs doing.  I took an iron pill yesterday and today and I think that my light headedness and fatigue may be taken care of in a couple of days if I continue.  I worked slowly on some laundry and washed down my kitchen.  After a few days of not being in charge in the kitchen, it needed some TLC from me.

Finding a little extra energy and being tired of sitting around, I went downstairs to see what I could do on the Mario quilt.  I had so much fun quilting and I am loving how it is turning out.  It is a bear to quilt a queen sized quilt on my machine, but I put a couple of tables together and go slow maneuvering the bulk at each turn.  With an audio version of "The Book Thief" playing on my phone, I got close to half way done with the quilting!  Looking forward to more quilting and the rest of the book!


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