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Saturday, May 30, 2015

An Update For Miss Metz!

I was thinking back today to some conferences in 2nd grade when we were told by Dawn's 2nd grade teacher that we need to encourage her to read more fiction. I have suggested through the years that she read more, but she always seems to gravitate to the non-fiction books about living things and places. She read every book in the Arthur Elementary library on aquatic creatures and many others as well.

Today I am posting an update for Miss Metz to let her know that this is what resulted from Dawn and my trip to the library this morning. She wasn't sure where to start looking so I picked up a few books that I thought she might like and started stacking them next to her. Thinking she would take some and leave some, I kept putting options on the pile as she read the front jackets to decide if the story sounded good to her. She is usually pretty picky.

To my surprise, we left with all but one of the books and she has excitedly put them in the order that she will be reading. She is about half way through the first one after spending the last hour and a half on the couch with her first book Deenie by Judy Blume. She has a couple of historical fiction books and a John Grisham suspense in her stack too. She told me this morning that she hates when the books end because there is always so much more that could happen to the characters and its hard to leave their stories.

Sounds like a reader to me. Ryan grabbed on to the John Grisham book and started that when I gave him the choice to go through all his school papers and sort them into keep and throw piles or read for awhile. Dawn did tell me on the way home she knew there were a couple in the stack she was going to show to Ryan. She was right, he got sucked in.

Then there is Matt. He was reading today too. He has six of his eight Barnes and Noble reading books done to complete their program and three Kernels baseballs colored in. Zach insists that he only likes to read in the afternoon and Stacey is at a sleepover so I can't report on their reading as I type this but Stacey always reads when given the opportunity and now with the new deal that you can get an extra video game time each day that you read for an hour, I am sure that Zachary will be reading more too.

What do we do on a chilly cloudy day at our house? Well, read of course!

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