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Friday, May 1, 2015

Friday From the Heart: Let's Try Something New

I have an idea...instead of taking sides on yet ANOTHER public temper tantrum resulting from thousands of people who weren't even IN the back of the van to witness any details of this case, lets stop and take a deep breath.

Ready...set...BREATHE. Okay, great. Now lets decide for one week that not a single one of us in this great country will break any law. Let's just follow the rules for ONE WEEK.

You see, humility is what we are lacking. Humility is not pointing to the other side and making your long list of grievances. Humility is turning to yourself and looking at what is there. God knew it would take a lifetime to set our hearts on Him. It takes a lifetime of day after day, drawing closer to him. Our country was founded on this, no matter how history is being told as of late.  It was. Read the documents, listen to the words of the people who came before you, black, white, every other color.

There are pages I could write on the commentary of this land that I once recognized. I am tired of everyone's opinion and I am sure you are too. The wisest man who ever lived wrote this in Ecclesiastes 5:1-2 "Walk prudently when you go to the house of God; and draw near to hear rather than to give the sacrifice of fools, for they do not know that they do evil. Do not be rash with your mouth, and let not your heart utter anything hastily before God. For God is in heaven, and you on earth; Therefore let your words be few."

Just because we have outlets like blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and every comment section after every article we read online these days doesn't mean that everyone wants our opinion. In fact, I know that very few people may NEED our opinions at all! We have just become so used to being able to hastily say whatever is on our mind.

Let's see how a week of living by the rules affects the world we live in. If only it were that easy.

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