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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Making it Stretch

Ugh! Almost done but not quite!
I was finishing up a cross stitch project the other day and got so annoyed when I got so close to the end and ran out of blending filament. For those who don't know, blending filament is a lighter thinner thread that usually has some kind of property that makes the project just a little fancier. It could be a glitter or a sparkly sheen.

I had used this particular filament on two other projects long ago and thought when I decided to add a little pizzazz to this project that I would just use something that I had instead of going out and buying something new.

Found some scraps

I was blending it with some of the blue in the project to make part of it stand out a little more. If you see in the picture above, this is where I was when I officially ran out of my blending filament! UUUGGGGHHHHH! Not a happy moment. Good news is, I keep a small little metal container next to me every time I am stitching. I put all of my little ends and scraps of thread in it so that whenever I am far from a garbage can, I won't leave my trash behind. When my container gets full, I spread the contents outside around the house so the birds have small little lengths to use in their nests. It is a win win. ESPECIALLY in this situation.

What I found in my tin to work with...not much but
thankfully just enough!

See, If you look above, I was just a few crosses short of finishing the area that I needed the filament. The rest of the project was just the blue and I had plenty of that! Thankful for my little scrap tin, I dug around to find the tiniest of scraps of blending filament! Thankfully, I was able to finish this small area with two scraps (the longest was about three inches).

It took a little time and determination, but you can bet that I did not want to go out looking for matching blending filament for about 23 cross overs! I am glad that I keep my scraps and that I was able to use up something I already had on this project!

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