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Thursday, May 14, 2015

TBT: Seven Years Old in Heaven

Seven years ago today, had our third pregnancy been experienced like the others before it, we would have welcomed into our family a baby girl. Since having our triplets, we had planned C-sections that had been scheduled a week before the baby / ies' due dates. Because of where the weekends fell in May that year, we would have scheduled on May 14th.

By the time her due date had occurred that year I was able to accept God's will for our family although grief is never an easy road. Fast forward to today and I actually can smile, knowing that we will meet again. I like to imagine but more than that, I am thankful for this lesson of trust in our great Creator who knits us together in our mother's womb from the very beginning for a very sacred purpose. Amy's mission was short and sweet on this earth but it has made an eternal impact in the hearts of our family.

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