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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Road Trip to Waucoma

We don't really need an excuse to drive up to Waucoma but yesterday was my cousin Kalissa's bridal shower so the girls and I jumped into the van and headed north. First of all, let me say, this was the first trip without my GPS leading the way. I arrived in a timely manner and without getting lost.

David asked me with that look in his eyes on Friday night if we would be home late Saturday. I answered him with a "no" because this was a shower and we would stay a few hours, see her open gifts and head back home. It wasn't a "sit and visit" kind of visit. (I mention the "look" in his eyes because I know he doubted my words, not so much my intention, but he did look like he thought I had lost touch with reality.)

I am sad that I didn't pause to take a picture of the dish towels I embroidered before I wrapped them. I had all intention of doing so. After coming home from seeing my grandmother last month I was in the mood to embroider and knowing Kalissa's shower was coming, I thought it was the perfect thing. I am happy she loved them.

There is no days of the week on them. I told her it was because I didn't want her to feel obligated to use a certain one on a certain day, but the real reason is because I haven't embroidered in a long time and I wasn't sure if I could get all seven of them done before the shower! I did though and I am so glad that I opted for making something homemade.

I didn't take into consideration that this shower was being held at my aunt's house. Most of the time when we travel for a shower it is held at a community center or other public area. When it is in a home, it is a lot easier to hang out for longer and get into conversations with the other stragglers.

The girls came up to me about an hour after we got there and told me that Karl was going to arrive at seven and "could we stay til seven to see Karl?" I had told their father that we would be home by seven so we would have to see Karl another time because today we were here for Kalissa's shower.

Fast forward to about six o'clock (about an hour after we were going to leave) and in the kitchen sits me, the girls, my uncle and aunt, another visiting cousin and her girls and Craig and Kalissa and her sisters. That was when Karl walked in with cupcakes! He arrived early and the girls were thrilled to be able to see him! Karl has had a special bond with my children for a long time. He is patient and willing to spend his time doing almost anything with them even though he is grown up (I have heard my children say that or a version of that thought many times).

I knew at that point we would have to stay a little longer to catch up with Karl before we got off down the road. But then dogs needed to be picked up from Kalissa's house and Karl offered to take my girls and walk over to get the dogs. "Yes Mom, Please Mom, can we go for a walk with Karl and the dogs?" Of course...but THEN we are going to go home. "Okay, Okay, we will Mom!"

When Karl got back we talked for quite awhile longer. We haven't seen him for awhile and so it was nice to hear about his plans for a career in elementary education. I know any of my kids would LOVE to have a teacher like Karl. He will do very well.

Fast forward again...8:26 p.m. and three texts from David "ETA?" later and we were winding down our visit. It was my aunt, Karl, and the girls and I. I am thinking "Oops...I did it again"! I can't seem to head north without loosing all sense of time. Thankfully, my husband knows me better than I do and wasn't at all surprised when I walked in the door at 10:10 p.m.

He even greeted me with a smile and a hug! I really love him!

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