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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A Faith Project

Our friend from college, Todd has been going through a very difficult life event. His 4-year-old daughter had to have her foot amputated after a lawn mower accident about three weeks ago. She and her dad had just planted a garden at home with some favorite plants and she asked her dad numerous times while she was in the hospital not to forget to water the tomatoes!

That is when I thought of a fun idea. I had some very soft fabric with a "garden" of sorts. Pink and yellow flowers and they looked perfect for a little girl who had been through a tragic event and would be convalescing for many months. She needed a "garden" she could enjoy inside too. It was a perfect project to try out my hand at more free motion designs.  I doodled on paper for a couple of nights until I found the perfect design to copy onto each open square of the quilt.

I pieced the front together and sandwiched it in no time at all. Next came the flowers and my two "samples" on separate fabric were promising. I was so surprised at how quickly the quilting was completed and if it wasn't for running over my thumb on the last flower of the quilt (see a previous post) I would have been sad that the quilting was done. (Especially since binding is NOT my favorite!)

I was happy with the results and was so glad when Todd posted a picture of her enjoying the softness. It is exactly what drew me to that fabric to start with. Everyone should have something with their name embroidered on it so I asked my mom to help me (since she has an embroidery module for her machine) put Faith's name on two of the corner squares in lieu of the flowers in those corners.

Super fun project even though I am sad for the circumstances that caused me to be moved to plan it and execute, but it is so fun to spread a little sunshine (or plant an "indoor" garden) whenever I get the chance.

Many prayers have been said for this sweet girl and her family and many more will be said as she faces the days ahead!
Faith and her blanket

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