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Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Force Awakens

Last night was family movie night in the living room. It was a mentally draining day for me (maybe a little more about that tomorrow) but it was nice to get the mail and see a Netflix DVD that I was interested in watching. 

The Force Awakens (Star Wars 7) arrived and since Matthew or Zachary had not seen it before and the rest of us had only seen it once or twice in the theater, we made it a movie night and it was a nice distraction from my thoughts and a great family time!

We didn't take Matthew and Zachary to the theater when the movie first came out not knowing if they would like it or want to sit through the whole thing in the theater. They haven't always stayed interested in the other movies when we have had Star Wars marathons at home.

Zachary now wants to start at number one and watch them all. That should keep us busy in the weeks ahead!

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