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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Pain Med-Induced Fog Knitting

I got a chance yesterday to work on a hat with the new yarn I splurged on with a gift card to Stitch Together from my cousin Kayla. I picked a pattern that is a little more difficult than my usual choice because with the upgrade in the yarn, I figured I would knit something a little more challenging. I spent most of the day in bed resting in varying  stages of recline while I worked a little on the pattern.

I was hoping to work through some of the tough parts before surgery so I wouldn't have to use my brain too much to keep going on it this week.  With everything that has to happen before surgery, I didn't get to it. So, pain med-induced fog knitting it was. I had tried to reduce my pain meds a little along with using ibuprofen but I wasn't really ready for that yet. Especially if I was going to try to concentrate on a difficult knitting pattern.

That said, when I woke up this morning and looked at what I had done, I knew something was wrong. It is not unlike me to work a part of a new pattern three or four times before I get it to work. It is part of the learning curve for me and rather than knit swatches to see if it works, I just use the yarn and the pattern, taking anything out that needs to be reworked.

Yesterday I had knit rows 21- 50 when it said "Rows 51-60: Repeat Rows 29-38" I had stopped because there were less and less stitches on my needles as the day went by and I knew that I was not doing it right. Going back over the YouTube videos I had watched in my head, I had a pretty good idea which part I had done wrong. With that little bit of confidence I took out the knitting from yesterday back down to row 21.

Today is going much better. It helps that I was able to get up and go over to my sister's who washed and styled my hair for me. I have sat in a chair most of the afternoon visiting with a friend and ibuprofen is the only pain meds that I am using. I will probably use the oxycodone later as the evening wears on since I tend to have more trouble in the evenings.

I have had a little bit of nausea this afternoon so I am going to fluff up some pillows and recline a bit as the afternoon rolls toward evening. So far I have finished row 29 of my hat and I figured out what I did wrong the first time. The proper amount of stitches are still on my needle. Just like healing, I have to take my knitting pattern slowly and patiently so that it all turns out great in the end.

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