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Thursday, July 21, 2016

My Sidekick

I mentioned earlier this week about how I was putzing down in the sewing room. I actually got a fun reminder back to the days when it was just Matthew and I during the day. There is an entire basement for him to play in (not to mention that before I went downstairs, he was upstairs playing) and yet, he grabs his army guys and pulls up a chair not five feet from me while I sewed.
My view from the machine

I actually still have a bag that I used to have right next to my sewing machine of lacing blocks. They are blocks to build with and shoelaces to lace through the blocks. They are special "sewing" toys that Matthew could only play with while Mom was sewing. He hasn't played with them in years but the whole proximity thing with him is still very much a thing. He is my social boy.
All set up for a battle

The little purple guys are his army. I think they were part of an Avengers game we had awhile back. I really don't think the game was ever played the way the instructions said to, but they have played a lot with the purple army.

He hung out with me for a little while during the first part of my time down there. We took a break and went upstairs to do some chores and by then he got interested in things with his siblings and didn't need to hang out with me in the basement. He cracks me up...the sound effects, the theme songs...it is all part of his play. I should have recorded a video clip to share. It was too funny!

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