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Monday, July 18, 2016

Survival Files: Monday, Monday

The appointment with the surgeon this morning went well. One of my drains was able to be removed and the other one is not too far from coming out too. Just in time for the next surgery. Since we decided to get this surgery done this week we ended up with a not so desirable time slot of 4:30 p.m. Friday. It will most likely be an outpatient if all goes well.

Doc said that she has already talked to the pathologist twice going over the report and knows exactly where to go and what to take out once she gets in there. Hopefully, it will be a quick fix and we will once again be moving forward. We were also informed that all this time I could have been taking showers since we were given the wrong discharge information. David was wondering why they would put a waterproof dressing on the incision and then tell me not to take a shower. Oh well, I can now be extra thankful when I smell clean and fresh! 
This waterproof dressing is going to haunt me for a few more days though. The sticky stuff is mostly still stuck to my skin. I did do a first attempt scrub when I got home to try to get it off. The itchiness is not nearly as bad but I am still sticky. As you can see from the picture, the scar comes up pretty far this time so I will have to adjust my wardrobe for that...or maybe not.

I have tackled a few other things today though and am happy to say I am re-registered for the new school year as a substitute teacher. I loved doing that last spring and hopefully I can get out on some of my good days and continue to spend some time in the classroom. It feels good to make plans for the normal part of my life.

The challenge I will have though after my appointment and surgery Friday is getting to the Jones County Fair on Sunday to see For King and Country with the kids. That is a big "must do" on our family list for the summer. I will probably not be able to go with them, but I will not let them miss out because of me. So, we will see. It is a small surgery, she said she was going to reopen a couple of inches of the incision and close it up again, maybe it will be possible with the proper pain meds. I would like to see the concert too! I guess Saturday we will have to see how I feel.

Over all, we have been set back two weeks with this extra surgery. I am starting to get used to that and be okay with it. Not thrilled, but okay. This afternoon I am going to take it easy and probably pit some cherries and get them ready to freeze for later when I am in a better place to bake. The zucchini and cucumbers are starting to come in. In fact, they are both a little too big because we didn't get out there last week to get them picked. Thankful, the zucchini can just be shredded and put in the freezer.

David has mapped out the rain forecast for the week and we (hopefully me too) will be out there getting things mulched and picked. Green beans are coming in and they will need to be tended to. Life continues to move forward and I will too.


  1. ❤️😊❤️😊❤️😊❤️😊❤️
    Love your planning and keeping life moving forward!!

  2. You inspire me to want to do more. I wish I had a garden to tend to...sounds delicious.

  3. Jody, I too have made clothing adjustments, but getting more comfortable with my long scars! I had three major cancer surgeries in one month and know what you are feeling! We can only go forward and do what is needed. You can continue to do this and kick this cancer in the b---!! We don't have to like what we are dealt in life, but we can continue to smile (and cry) through it!! Many prayers and blessings to you and David as you journey through this together! I am going to the U of I this Thursday, the 21st, and will have a complete eye exam, an MRI of the brain, an EKG, a CT of my neck, chest,abd, and pelvis, and have a blood test, and then meet with the oncologist after all the tests! Think we will be there all day!! So you hang in there and maybe we will compare scars!!!ha

    1. Big day coming up but it will be good to sit down with all of the results and know the plan. I will be praying for you through your journey too! Thank you for checking in on me!