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Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday From the Heart: If You Can't Say Something Nice...

I have started this post three times already and have gone back to a blank screen every single time. Who wants to read a downer kind of post with me whining about how I am not recovering as fast as I want to? Nobody!

So, I have posted myself a little reminder and will stick to the facts of this my first week of recovery since today we hit the one week mark.

I have trouble with pain meds. The faster I take them, the faster they are gone. I always have this fear that I will need more if I take them too fast. Every single time (not excluding this week) I hit about Wednesday and think that I should try a stint with ibuprofen and see how I do. Then, at the end of said stint I find myself frustrated and sad because my body still needs help with the pain so that my mind doesn't go crazy. But I am THANKFUL...

Thankful to my mom who offered to drive the girls and I to church so we could attend our Philippians bible study. That was a highlight of my week. I can't say that we thoroughly worked through our homework this week, but just getting out of the house and finding encouragement in God's word was a huge boost.

Thankful to a few friends and family who provided food for us to eat that I didn't have to think about. What a blessing to be able to rest and know that food was on its way.

Thankful for my kids keeping up with the kitchen work so that when I walked into the room my bare feet didn't pick up crumbs from yesterday's dinner that were still on the floor. Tomorrow we will focus on how to add laundry in the mix.

Thankful that my husband suggested going against what we were told at the hospital and change out my surgical vest and wrap to the clean new one we were sent home with so that I could stand being with myself after five days of recovery in the middle of the summer. A sponge bath was a huge morale booster!

Thankful for the cards and words of encouragement from friends and family members and even the special gifts from people I don't even know to remind me that I can do this...all of this!

Thankful for hands that knit and a great project to work on that sends my energy to a different part of my brain that isn't constantly thinking about all that is starting to become my life. (The hat will be ready to show pretty soon so stay tuned!)

Thankful for doctor appointments coming up so that my list of questions can stop getting longer and instead get answered.

Thankful that my sister has a hair salon in her home a block behind our house and has been sweet to let me come and get my hair washed and styled a couple of times this week.

Nothing huge or earthshaking this week but if you would like some specific things to pray, her is what I would say:

  1. Patience with my body as I heal and contentment with rest.
  2. Pain to get less in my right shoulder and arm area where the lymph nodes were removed.
  3. Peace with the fact that I am healing from surgery to start chemo.
  4. That we will see successful healing of the main incision when the doctor looks at it at our appointment on Monday.
  5. Iron numbers up significantly after the two infusions.
Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement. I am truly blessed!


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  2. Ah pain take the pain medications you really need to stay ahead of the pain instead of chasing it
    There "should" be no problem getting more pain medications if needed as long as there is no negative history of well you know

    Please complaint whine gripe all you need to or want to hear where there are many to shoulder the words ..... those within your house and you need the kind words gentle encouragement all the positives

    I am going to therapy for emontional issues ...... the brain yours mine all of our brains are powerful we have pathways that negative thoughts use and pathways that positive thoughts use for more happy thoughts we need to use that pathway more so pay attention to when a negative slips in and try to repace it with a positive
    It is a simple and hard exercise but it helps with healing in your brain and body and doesn't take equipment or physical strength or another person
    I don't know you I just found your blog via another blog and I could not figure out exactly how I got here

    I am reading your journey and am just amazed you are walking talking watching movies trying to reduce pain medications and getting your hair done (how cool to have such a sister)

    Please be gentle with yourself and those in your house you and they have great trauma to process and deal with each in his/her own way .... you have your body to see and assess healing they don't have the wounds on their bodies to see progress in their healing its your words and their fathers words and actions that let them know they can heal and grow and your medical issues are just that your medical issues it is a process and it will take time and we (you) will take the time necessary
    Praying and blessings to you