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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Survival Files: Best.Surgery.Ever.

Working while we wait
If I were to name my favorite surgery experience, I would have to say that Wednesday was it. There was one surgery back in the beginning when they wheeled me in and I remember conversations with the nurses in the OR but all of the others since then I can't. I asked the anesthesiologist if maybe the "calming" medicine they put in the IV just before they take me in could be left out of my orders this time around.

I have pin pointed the problem I have when I am waking from surgery. I really think that the little bit of sedation on the front end has been causing me grief when they are trying to wake me up. I was right! This surgery was a dream! (I know, that sounds a little weird) but I do have a few to compare to. I had a full conversation with the team in the OR before the sedation started. AND...best news, it really did only take about an hour to wake up and be ready to go home. I has taken up to three hours in other out patient surgeries.

Watching TV and "enjoying" Olive
Garden commercials on a very empty
The only downer of the whole experience is those stupid veins in my left side! The nurse tried the IV on my forearm with no luck. So, to my hand it was. She said "there is scarring on this vein". She understood after I told her that in the last month I had two iron infusions, both given through that hand.

An hour and a half later when they came to get ready to take me to the OR, the nurse noticed that nothing was dripping. Nothing had gone into my body so she tried wiggling the IV around and messing with the tubing a bit. She needed to call in a friend. Those few short moments had me anxious and on the edge! Thankfully after another try and moving my hand this way and that, it started flowing.

I will be honest and say that if they would have had to take it out and find another site for the IV it would have been my "one last thing" that would have pushed me over the edge. The port area isn't healed enough to use yet but I can already tell you that I am glad they won't have to stick me with needles in my less than stellar left arm veins!

Once the surgery was over, the grogginess wasn't there and I felt like I could get out of bed and on my way. I got home to my recliner and was comfortable all evening, having conversations, watching television, and hearing about the girls' day at church day camp where they are serving this week. The only thing different from the night before is that their is a new pain in my chest where the healing from ten days ago was reopened. Pain meds are good though so I am set with that. And...nurse called and told me the pathology report shows no more cancer. That is the best news!

Specific Prayer Requests:
  • Patience with my healing body
  • Reduction of pain in the incision area
  • Continued encouragement from the things I am researching on how to get to the bottom of why cancer likes to grow in my body. I am looking so forward to having a strong body again.
  • PRAISE: the calming meds I take at bedtime are helping me to get to sleep!
  • PRAISE: no more cancer in the margins
  • Fun at the fair and For King and Country concert on Sunday!

"Be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might!" Ephesians 6:10 

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