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Monday, August 5, 2013

Peace That Passes All Understanding

Last week marked the 6th year since Grandpa left for heaven.  Usually during posts like this I go back and find pictures from years past and post but today my photos are all packed in boxes in my parents' garage and the computer that houses all of my digital copies of the pictures I have scanned from way back when is unplugged from the network and ready to move out as well.

So, I will just say that Grandpa was always the calm in the storm whatever was swirling around us.  Gramma swirled a lot.  There was always something busy happening at their house and I loved the atmosphere there.  So many great memories came from the farm and their love for us.  Coming up next week, Gramma has been gone for 23 years which is hard to believe.  I still hear her voice in my ear and most days it is a blessing!

Spending time at the wedding this past weekend and posing for the first "grandkid" picture taken in many years, I realized how truly blessed I was being their first grandchild (although it does make me pretty old compared to my sweet 18 year old youngest cousin Kalissa).  But, I got to know Grandpa personally for 37 plus years and be influenced in his quiet way.

Don't get me wrong, he could cuss out a milking cow when he got kicked and he was a human like the rest of us in many ways.  But, somehow even though he wasn't loud and didn't talk much, I knew the undercurrent of his love was part of what was there keeping me who I am.

Last week I was reminded of that priceless calm as I was in the basement pulling together some more things to pack up.  Under my counter in the craft room I had stashed a couple of framed pictures that I don't have room for on my walls here in our house.  This one came from Grandpa's house after he died.  I had loved the picture and I knew that there was a verse that was printed at the bottom of the picture.  I couldn't remember which one it was, I was just excited that there will finally be a place to put Grandpa's picture.

I should not have been surprised because God is so good, to pull it out and look closely only to find Philippians 4:7.  The verse that has popped up everywhere in the last two months.  The peace of God that passes all understanding...Grandpa seemed to have that and now I will have a constant reminder about what keeps me in times of trouble.

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