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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Increased Cabinet Space

I really wanted to report on my big project for today.  Unfortunately, I don't have an "after" picture yet!  I worked all day on painting the boys room.  I will have to wait to share those pictures.  But I do have another before and after comparison to share today.

When I started working on updating my kitchen in May, one of the problems I had with my kitchen is that there was a buffet and hutch built in as part of the kitchen.  The sliding glass doors on that hutch were not very practical for my kitchen.  I needed more cabinets where I could close a door and leave what is inside out of sight to those who are visiting.

As you can see by the before picture I had already given up on trying to keep the hutch for the "pretty" things that I owned.  We were storing all sorts of things up there.  I was tired of everyone seeing my mess!

The glass came out along with the removable shelving and then the painting began.  After a couple of month of making the shelves permanent and planning the cabinet doors, we have a new look for the shelving and all of my unsightly things are hidden nicely behind beautiful white cupboard doors.  There are so many things I love about my new kitchen.  Although I am short three handles that I will have to go pick up tomorrow, it looks a lot better than it did!

Tomorrow I will organize all of the storage space to match the other side of my kitchen which is much more efficient after I have purged a lot of things I wasn't using.  I am feeling lighter every day!

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